...Nehal Joshi makes for a divinely enjoyable Ali Hakim, infusing this genial huckster with equal parts charm and slyness. He’s a quintessential immigration story unto himself: the visitor who comes only to make a buck, but ends up stitched inexorably into the American quilt.

-Washington Post

...There are plenty of opportunities for star turns in Oklahoma!. Nehal Joshi (Ali Hakim) has so much oily charm he qualifies for an energy credit.

-Washingtonian Magazine

...Ali Hakim, played by Nehal Joshi, [is] laugh out loud funny. Moreover, Joshi’s performance is perfect, perhaps my favorite, with his deft comedic timing and natural exuberance

-Northern Virginia Magazine

...As randy peddler Ali Hakim, Nehal Joshi’s facial athletics and expressive body language send off comic vibrations to fill the entire theater in each scene he’s in. (Judging by the audience uproar that greets him at curtain call, he is clearly a favorite of the patrons).



...At the risk of violating the evening's democratic spirit by singling anyone out, it's only right to mention a few Employees of the Month: Nehal Joshi, dazzling in Miranda's new near-rap about food deliveries.


...Under Mr. Greenberg's sensitive and detailed direction, each of the six-member cast performs admirably. I'm sure that each audience member will have favorite moments Nehal Joshi displays a lovely tenor in [Lin-Manuel] Miranda's sad but wise "A Very Good Day".

-Talkin’ Broadway.

Arsenic and Old Lace

...Tovah Feldshuh, has a pixieish energy that’s impossible not to get caught up in, and Betty Buckley’s dotty cluelessness is a hoot. They are matched for comic clarity by Nehal Joshi as a quack doctor.

-Dallas Voice

...Unfortunately, the good doctor drinks a bit. Nehal Joshi, as Dr. Einstein, resists the temptation to mimic Peter Lorre, the movie doctor. Instead, Joshi gives him an accent that sounds like a blend of Hispanic and Arabic. It works, as does this actor’s engaging portrayal. Joshi’s “entrance" at the top of Act II is a masterful gag involving the DTC’s nifty set-revolve.

-Theatre Jones.

Mother Teresa is Dead

...Joshi was a master of matching his features with his emotions, from idealism to steadfastness. He created a character that was brilliant and idealistic, though still childish.


...Portraying Tommy's parents are two Broadway performers who are both magnificent in this rock opera - -Nehal Joshi as "Captain Walker" and Betsy Wolfe as "Mrs. Walker". These two thespians have rock infused, powerful, gorgeous singing voices that blend perfectly within the score of booming rock and ear shattering guitar licks. However, it is their chemistry and subtext within each other and their child that truly impressed me. Observe all this during their duet, "I Believe My Own Eyes". I was seated so close to them during this number that I could touch them. Thus I was able to see within their eyes and body the strength of their love for each other, their marriage, and the illnesses of their boy. The audience was so floored by this duet that there was actual silence in the theater as patrons soaked their pain deep within themselves. Joshi and Wolfe are just sublime in DTC's Tommy.

-Pegasus News