05.01.13Working wins a Special Drama Desk for Best Ensemble

Outstanding Ensemble Performance
This year the nominators chose to bestow a special ensemble award to the cast of Working: A Musical. "Marie-France Arcilla, Joe Cassidy, Donna Lynne Champlin, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Nehal Joshi, and Kenita R. Miller created a memorable ensemble of marvelously gifted singer-actors working together in pure artistic harmony." Individual cast members receiving this award are ineligible for acting awards in the competitive categorie

04.26.13Look for the....

Jungle Book at the Goodman Theatre...performances start June 21

Be there.

04.14.13New Project

Not a lot of updates...but something new coming if you are reading this....


I'm on twitter for anyone who wants to hear my random ramblings. Lower your expectations, no no...it doesn't matter. still lower them.



I think the website is almost done.

At some point, I will put up some singing clips, but that has to wait until I can decide which belong.


01.09.12first post of 2012

Finally, home in New York City.

January is always quiet.

Seems like a good time to work on some new projects.

Luckily, that seems to be what I'm doing.

What's next?


One of my favorite rehearsals is tomorrow.

Boys from Syracuse at the Harman. 5 shows. Nov 4-6.

Amazing cast

10.09.11first sunday off

Just finished a week of film an industrial with SIMmersion. Ready to start week two.

Next up: A concert version of Boys From Syracuse at The Shakespeare Theater

09.30.115 more Oklahoma!

Only 5 more of the record-breaking Oklahoma! It's been quite a ride.

09.25.11new website

Starting a website because....why not?

12 more shows of Oklahoma! left. Come by, if you haven't.